First Post

Almost two decades ago, sitting on a post along the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir, a yearning to pen my thoughts made me start writing them down two to three times a week under the heading ‘State of My nation’. One got hold of a few bits of paper and started my first blog. Must admit didn’t know then ‘the word blog’ or the format or if its concept existed!

Transistor was the link to the happenings in the hinterland and elsewhere in the world. This reliance or love affair with transistor started as one joined our Battalion to become a part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka a year or so earlier. Newspapers from India arrived days after they were published and by the time one had a looked at them even their relic value had substantially diminished. Every soldier of the Indian contingent on theIsland relied upon the BBC Hindi or Urdu service for news. Indian media honestly, had a credibility problem at least with those around me. One did hope and pray that someday we too would have news that could be trustworthy!

One hung to bits of paper of ‘State of my Nation’ for quite sometime till the time and my repeated revisits to read and relive my thoughts withered them. One has continued to write. Most of my writings never reached a reader except myself. One wrote because it allowed me to express without being judged. Yes, there are a few writings that are in public domain written on various portals and journals dedicated to National security, Skill Development and the like.

Years have tempered my exuberance and greyed my hair. Have started taking a detached view of happenings around perhaps to shy away from expressing strong views on issues.   ‘A Fistful of Logic’ is both a tribute to and continuation of ‘State of My Nation’ by a saner (sic) me. This endeavour is to share experiences and opinions on some questions that stir considerable of perplexity in my mind!

If my views find resonance with or rankle you, please do share your views.

Published by Umong

A veteran with experiences of military diplomacy, academic world, Not for profit organisations, skill development. Associated with Strategic Think Tanks and Industry Bodies and contributes to the discourse on National Security and other issues. Distinguished Fellow with Centre for Joint Warfare Studies (CENJOWS). An Independent Director of a Limited Company Limited and Adviser to a Joint Venture Company between India and China. Involved with informal groups that work on environmental and social issues including an Old Age Home.

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